Adaptive Roughing Cycle by GO2cam : millyuGO




Boost your productivity with millyuGO !


Do your customers always require lower prices from you? We have a unique solution for you to maintain and improve your margins by increasing your productivity and reducing your production costs now.



How does millyuGO work ?


millyuGO is a patented and proprietary technology of GO2cam International.


millyuGO’s Adaptive Roughing cycle ensures constant tool engagement throughout the entire cycle.


As a result, the force exerted on the tool is controlled. Using a bigger Z step, the optimal material removal rate can be reached without overrunning the machine’s capabilities.


Time savings up to 80% have been obtained by our customers.


As the tool always cuts within its designed conditions, tool life is extended considerably.


This toolpath induces constant velocity and fewer vibrations, which enables hard material machininglike titanium, inconel or even stainless steell, used in aerospace for instance.


With millyuGO, production costs savings frequently exceed 50% !


Benefits of millyuGO Adaptive Roughing


  • Longer tool life : up to 6 times 
  • Shorter machining time : up to 80% 
  • Hard material machining : titanium, inconel, stainless steel

millyuGO is ideal for the machining of complex parts. It supports any kind of tool and is compatible with any kind of machine.




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