Multi Part Machining

Novelties of MPM

Novelties in 6.2: Steady Rest Easy and intuitive placement of steady rest.
New technology

 yuGO, adaptive roughing toolpath





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GO2cam for Solidworks

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Lab Day Chicago Booth D-66

February, 26 and 27
in Chicago (USA)


Dental South of China - Hall 15.1 Booth L16

March, 2 to 5
in Guangzhou (China)


Simodec - Hall A Booth C04

March, 8 to 11

in La Roche-Sur-Foron (France)


Industrie - Booth C100

April  4 to 8,
in Paris (France)


Dental Forum - Booth F181

April, 7 to 9

in Paris ( France)



GO2cam V6.1:

New Revision 6.1.215 is available on GO2cam ftp site.


GO2cam V6.2:

New Revision 6.2.21is available on GO2cam ftp site.

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