Machining Toolpaths



This part is the heart of our know-how and experience. GO2dental includes machining strategies, developed specifically for each types of dental parts. With over 25 years' experience in CAM software development to mechanical industry (such as automotive, aerospace,...), GO2cam International has adapted its expertise in the dental market.


We offer you:


Specific toolpaths for:

  • Blank management for minimal air cutting and shorter machining time
  • Maximum rigidity of the element during machining
  • High surface quality and precision
  • Hard material machining


Automatic operation lists:

  • Customized Operation lists for each material
  • Automatic tool selection
  • Cutting conditions (feedrate/spindle speed) are included
  • Authorized Users can easily create and modify Operation Lists, cutting conditions, tools, strategies…
  • Update of End User Operation lists are seamless

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