• Parametric functions
  • Wireframe, Solid and Workplane creation
  • Powerful Tolerancing module on 2D and solid
  • Standard tolerancing of shapes and holes
  • Modification of topology
  • Update of machining in case of modification
  • Ability to read tolerances from CAD models


Standard cycles:

  • Pocket (including Pocket Reworking and HSM functions)
  • Contour (and Contour Reworking), slotting, chamfering, tapering
  • Holes (Point to point cycles)
  • Back Machining and Interpolation
  • Plunge Cutting (pocket and contouring)

Quick Solid Milling

Easy and intelligent machining on solid models
direct selection on solid,

  • Stock management,
  • Management of undercut areas,
  • Recognition of bottom radii etc.

Automatic Solid Milling for 3D shapes:

  • Roughing cycles,
  • Reworking cycles,
  • Finishing cycles,
  • Isoparametric

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